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Hale Makai Beach Cottages - Hawaii

For over 30 years, the Hale Makai Beach Cottages have been among the most sought after vacation destinations on the North Shore of Kauai within the Hawaiian Islands. These beachfront cottages are nestled on 1 1/2 acres of lush tropical landscape, directly by the ocean.

The view from the Hale Makai cottages is breathtaking, as waves break in the distance on the crystal-clear turquoise water of the coral reef. The beach directly in front of Hale Makai is an ideal playground for guests of all ages for swimming, snorkeling, kite surfing or simply beachcombing.

Furnished with modern style, the cottages offer sleek uncluttered comfort in paradise.
The owner of the resort, Rike Burmeister, commented on her experience with Phi-ton: 'Restful, hygienic and rejuvenating sleep is one of the most important aspects for an enjoyable vacation. For this reason we have chosen Phi-ton 3D-mattresses and pillows in all our cottages, ensuring unsurpassed ventilation, comfort and hygienic slumber.

Since Phi-ton 3D-mattresses and pillows can be cleaned by rinsing both core and cover we can ensure that all our guests sleep in relaxed comfort, assuredly free of allergies from mites or other little creatures often associated with bed products. And no less important; to ensure that also future generations can enjoy the magnificence of this tropical paradise, all Phi-ton 3D products are 100% recyclable, unique in the world of bedding products, so that the guests may rest peacefully knowing that the cottages are eco-friendly.

Testimonials of our guests have shown that we made the right choice when selecting the Phi-ton brand for our bedding products.'

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