The third dimension in your life

The brand

The Phi-ton brand stands as a symbol for design, luxury and health.
Phi-ton - the third dimension in your life.

Due to the international presence of Phi-ton and the close contact with its customers of different cultures and historical background, a perfect mix is created through which trends in lifestyle, interior fashion, tastes, choice of materials and technology can be signalled in an early stadium.

These trends are translated by Phi-ton into unique 'objects'.
Objects, which have already been awarded various design and material innovation prizes.

At Phi-ton, health and environment go hand in hand.
Phi-ton material development such as the 3D-braided fabric, not only forms a major contribution to your health but also to the environment. At all times must the Phi-ton products meet these criteria as well as the highest quality standards.

Phi-ton is a jewel in your most intimate living environment.

Logo Interior Innovation Award Cologne 2006 Logo RedDot Award 2006 Logo Good Design Logo Design Preis 2007 Logo Design Preis 2009

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