The third dimension in your life

Phi - the symbol

The brand and the Phi-ton logo refer to the Greek letter Phi, or φ, the symbol of the golden mean, the ideal proportion: 1:1,618. This proportion is often the base for structures in architecture, plastic arts, music and literature.

The golden mean can be found everywhere in nature: in the design of butterfly wings, in the revolution of planets. In the pattern of sunflower seeds. And in the shells of snails.

Phi-ton is always searching for the ideal proportions.
In concepts, materials and comfort.
In creativity, good workmanship and technology.
And in production, distribution and service.

Discover for yourself how much Phi there is in Phi-ton.

Logo Interior Innovation Award Cologne 2006 Logo RedDot Award 2006 Logo Good Design Logo Design Preis 2007 Logo Design Preis 2009

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