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3D braided fabric very well assessed

Consumers may still have to get used to the name of the material of wich the Phi-ton 3D-mattress is composed: threedimensional braided fabric. In professional circles, however, it is much talked-of. In a relatively short period of time 3D braided fabric has been intensively researched and remarkably well assessed.

In the medical world there is much enthusiasm about the possibilities of 3D braided fabric for decubitus prophilaxis and the treatment of chronic wounds or sores. From an ergonomic point of view it is considerd of large value that the material is so light, easy to handle, washable and quick drying.
Various publications point at the outstanding characteristics in the field of hygiene, pressure relief, air and moisture permeability, oxygen supply, resilience and durability (a.o. Clinic for skin diseases, Jena University; FILK - research institute for leather and synthetic materials, Freiberg; Thüringen-Vogtland research institute for textiles, Greiz).

3D braided fabric is rapidly catching on in the safety, clothing, automotive and aviation sectors. Next to furniture for sitting and sleeping it is applied in such varied products as knee and elbow protectors, UV-protective textiles, sportswear, bra cups, health footwear and backpacks. The good oxygen supply makes 3D braided fabric also highly suitable for the packaging of acheological findings. In short: the range of applications is growing every day.

3D braided fabric is the material of the future. Already now you can experience the outstanding characteristics - in the Phi-ton bed and the Phi-ton 3D-mattress.

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