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Phi-ton in 'Super Seniors'

Starting Saturday September 3rd, Phi-ton is featuring in a 10-episode show called Super Seniors on the Nederland 1 tv-network. The show is all about 12 active and creative 50-plus seniors turning their dream into reality: they are working on the première of a theatre production to be shown in a well known Dutch theatre. For this purpose they are all staying in a specially decorated estate, 'Overcinge' in Havelte (NL). Here they share their time, both on and of the set, accompanied by professional actors and directors.

The finest bedroom in the mansion will be furnished with the Phi-ton sleeping system. No doubt there will be stiff competition to be awarded this room and get the best night sleep in the house. How, time will tell. As yet Rensina (62) and Jeannette are enjoying the luxury of Phi-ton.

Super Seniors is presented by Brecht van Hulten, known of the NOS youth newscast. Beginning of December the group will go on tour. The comedy, based on a script from Jos Brink, will be staged in theatres across the country.

img Huis Overcinge algemeen

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