The third dimension in your life


Where comfort begins

How much comfort in lying down and sleeping a bed offers also depends on what the mattress rests upon. Phi-ton is therefore equipped with a high quality micro pocket spring, which provides outstanding biomechanical and microclimatic characteristics.

Just the way you want it

The Phi-ton bed offers unlimited possibilities for individual freedom and comfort. Perfect adjustability to the personal desires and physical characteristics of every user. Whether you want to sleep, relax, read, watch TV or snuggle up, the variety of possible positions is only limited by the laws of ergonomics.

Advanced wellness

Phi-ton beds are also available with Phi-ton 3D-mattresses that have beneficial massage functions built in. The ultimate way to relax, simply lie down and enjoy. And if you fall asleep – this is no problem, the massage ends automatically after 15 minutes.

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