The third dimension in your life

Properties that you will feel

Pressure distribution to the apex

Where the pressure of the body is exerted on the Phi-ton 3D-mattress, it is absorbed gently and distributed in a most pressure relieving manner. The Phi-ton 3D-pillows provide the stability you need and the congenial pressure distribution that makes you relax so delightfully. The night will be more quiet and you can start the next day with renewed energy.

Pure ventilation

The excellent air and moisture regulation of the light 3D braided fabric provide for a healthy, dry sleeping environment. With an outstanding oxygen supply and without accumulation of moisture and heat. No sweating, no odours.

Optimum hygiene

You can't sleep in a cleaner environment. The Phi-ton 3D-mattresses and pillows and their covers are anti-allergic, anti-static, devoid of harmful substances and resistant to mites and fungi. The eco Umweltinstitut has tested our 3D braided fabric on 56 harmful substances: none detected. The light mattresses and pillows can be cleaned effortlessly and dry quickly.

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