The third dimension in your life


For even more enjoyment in the 3rd dimension

Since these pillows are also made of 3D braided fabric. So they too provide all the benefits of this innovative material: perfect pressure relief, a healthy sleeping climate and optimum hygiene. No sweating, no odours, no accumulation of mites, bacteria and fungi as microbiologists have found them in traditional pillows.

Your pillow has to be really cuddly?

Then the Phi-ton 3D-pillow < Cloud > is definitely your first choice, no matter if you are lying on your back, stomach or side. It has the traditional pillow form – but with high air permeability and always the ideal temperature. Just wonderful to snuggle yourself into. New in collection is the 3D-pillow < Plus > filled with an Talalay core and the same comfortable 3D cover for optimal ventilation and thermal regulation. The 3D-cover is easily washable and suitable for people with allergies.

You decide which pillow is right for you.

The undisputed winner in the pillow test

No material is better to lie on: The 'Bekleidungsphysiologische Institut Hohenstein E.V.' Bönnigheim in Germany has tested a variety of different pillows over a long period. The 3D braided fabric pillow was the tester's clear favourite.

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