The third dimension in your life


Different from all others

Only the application of functional 3D braided fabric makes it possible to combine all requirements for a real comfort mattress: optimum pressure distribution, outstanding air and moisture regulation, excellent hygiene and durability.

Comfort for your wellbeing

All Phi-ton 3D-mattresses are covered with a high quality 3D cover. Identifiable by the Phi geometry and available in various colours. breathing and soft to the skin, yet durable and washable.

Sleeping comfort is very much a personal thing

And so are the Phi-ton 3D-mattresses. They are available in four versions : the < High End de Luxe > and < High End Pro >, both with an toplayer of 3D braided fabric and with an integrated foundation of pocketsprings at the bottom, or the < Goldline > and < Goldline Pro >, both with an toplayer of 3D braided fabric and an integrated foundation of HR Foam or Talalay Latex at the bottom. This allows you to choose exactly the mattress that suits you best in combination with your favourite bed base.

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