The third dimension in your life

3D-mattress / 3D-pillow / 3D-duvet

You have never slept so well

So restful and at such a comfortable temperature.
Phi-ton 3D-mattresses provide you with this luxurious sleeping comfort, because they are made from Phi-ton 3D braided fabric.
This innovative textile is much talked about. Especially where increased comfort and excellent microclimatic conditions are concerned. For example in medical and sports equipment, or luxury car seating, see examples. And by Phi-ton in its first-class 3D-mattresses and pillows.

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What makes this 3D braided fabric so effective

in 3D braided fabrics the upper and bottom layer are connected through millions of polyester fibres. They give the body great comfort, with the right balance between stability and elasticity. And they make the Pi-ton 3D-mattresses and pillows unsurpassed in air and moisture regulation as well as hygiene. Click here to watch the production process.

What others can only dream about

The complete programme for relaxed sleep. The Phi-ton 3D-mattress for static or adjustable beds. The Phi-ton 3D-mattress overlay to enjoy your 3D sleeping comfort wherever you are. And the Phi-ton 3D-pillows for optimum support of head, neck and shoulders. The best in personal sleeping comfort you can choose yourself.

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